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4201 ~welcome to awfulTHEmotion~ start: april 2011, update: june 2011
4202 first described by george mather on his motion perception page
4203 i use this illusion for the backgroundanimation in my actual project "stadtwasser"
4204 first 4-stroke apparent motion-test: RausAusDemBad.gif my first 4-stroke apparent motion: RausAusDemBad.gif
done march 2011, for testing the 3d movement possibilities
4205 soon there will be more findings, and explanatory
notes of my apparent motion tests.
4206 some really good animations can be found at the moillusions page.
4207 flyingcity-motion by frans-jan wind awesome city-motion by frans-jan wind:
flying through city
found by sig* on the moillusions page. bigthx
4208 60 frames aufnahme last time i did some recordings with 60 frames.
the animated gif was built with 16ms and more than
the usual 2 frames for the real movement.
due to the 60frame recording the real movement is to narrow for a nice apparent motion. i took 6 frames of continuous motion for this picture.
first i tried with a 25 frame recording, but the result
was to fuzzy in the movement.
the animation required a slower repetition which
results in a higher shuttered illustration.
tests with a fully greyscaled animation did no better effect.
the colours do a better seperation of the moving
person to the static background.
4209 artificial movement my first artificial movement compositing! the rotation of the tree is real camera-movement, the skater is fake. (wuhuu..) full version.
the animated gif was built with 60ms and 2 coloured frames of optimal movement + the essential
2 inverted frames of course.
4210 leaves movement scary double motion: growing leaves
my first apparent motion with two different motion velocities.
the slower motion origins from the camera movement along the scene.
the second and faster motion is generated by the wind which streakes throgh the leaves.
the footage shot with 60frames per second and a high shutter. (around 1000) the animated gif was built with 7 frames of original movement and 60ms of frametime.
therefore its my longest anim so far. i tried several length of the original sequences with different motions.
the point is to get a smooth, narrow and slow original motion as footage.
the narrower the movement in the footage, the better and longer the sequences of apparent motion.
so..i think i will leave the 4-stroke sequence totaly from now on ;]
4211 selective movement selective movement: millwheel
i seperated the spinning millwheel with a mask from the background.

the animation use 3 frames and 50ms framelength.
the camera itself moves a little, so the background judders back&forth.

the point is: itīs possible to seperate desired movements and use them for animation purposes.
4299 if the animations wont play smooth enough,
use the direct links in the text-column on the right.